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Colecţii cărţi / 2014


White Paper of Good Practices within the Common Educational Programs

Autor(i) : Colectiv
An publicare : 2014
ISBN : 978-973-732-196-1
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The project UNIVERSITY COLLABORATION NETWORK AT THE BLACK SEA – UNIVER-SEA.NET, is financed by the E.U. within the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013, managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.
The ”Andrei Șaguna” University of Constanța is the beneficiary of the project and has as partners the Aydin University of Istanbul (Turkey), the Karabuk University (Turkey), The Black Sea International University, Tbilisi (Georgia) and the Academy of Studies in the Field of Public Administration under the Presidency of Moldova, Chișinău (Moldova.
The overall objective of the project is promoting exchange of educational values and experiences between universities in partner countries through joint educational program and network, having as specific objectives the identification of the common components of educational programs between universities in partner countries and promoting educational values, by means of using online and offline instruments, as well as strengthening our regional identity by creating a virtual community between universities.